Friday, 8 November 2013

Hour of Code just the beginning

With the momentum building in the lead up to Computer Science Week in the States and Hour of Code, I can't help thinking this is just the beginning. What makes me think this? For the past 12 months I have been teaching my students to Code and I have seen the benefits first hand. Rich, deep level thinking, the collaboration, and the ability to see Code come alive are just some of the reasons all students should learn to code in schools.

On the 9th December (and the lead up week) there is a massive push to get kids coding. I think the success of this week and what follows is dependent on an element we have not placed a higher enough priority on - the teachers. See without passionate teachers who believe in coding we will not produce passionate students. The teacher is not the only ingredient, but certainly an important one.

Paul is the Author of the upcoming iBook "Teaching students to code on the iPad".

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