Friday, 29 November 2013

3 iPad/iPod Christmas activities for kids

How do we want students using iPads during the Christmas holidays?

How about creating, collaborating and communicating with Project based activities that will both engage, foster and develop 21st century skills whilst having an awesome time!

1. Create on comic/iBook on their favourite holiday moments
Incorporating the camera and Apps like Comic Life and Book Creator, our kids become authors at the same time. It also encourages kids to work together and involve the whole family.
Tutorials Here:

2. Time Lapse Photography iMovie
My girls are currently doing this as I write this Blog. The set up their iPod and use the App iMotion HD to take photos at 20 second intervals of the kids putting up the Christmas tree. They then drop into iMovie and add text and music to create an amazing time Lapse movie. Very cool.
Tutorials Here:

3. Create a digital Video Game
Using iPad Apps like Hopscotch and GamePress students can immerse themselves into the world of video games. But there is a difference! The kids can create their own, test, evaluate, work together and learn how to code at the same time. A really worthwhile activity!
Tutorials Here:

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