Monday, 5 August 2013

Tellagami Project building momentum

I have been overwhelmed with the response to the Tellagami Project. I thought it would be a wonderful platform for teachers and edtech leaders to share what they believe in and what they are doing in classrooms. The messages I'm getting at the moment are amazing and I hope I can share with the world.

Why Tellagami? I love the App. I use it with my students all the time and thought I would get adults having the same benefits as my students.

The Global aspect of this project is what is most pleasing. Powerful messages from across the world, all speaking from the heart and with passion.

I have started putting together all the Gami's and I think everyone will be surprised with how it turns out. Here is the opening credits teaser.

Still time to get your message/Gami in? Absolutely. Details of procedure can be at:

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