Friday, 2 August 2013

Tellagami App applications

On Thursday I gave a PD on the Tellagami App. My staff then started brainstorming some applications for using Tellagami with their students in the classroom.

You see I believe the magic of Apps lies in the imagination of the teacher, not the App itself.

This is what the teachers came up with:

Mathematics - students take a photo of a specific shape or angle and then use as a background in Tellagami. Students then communicate through avatar the elements/characteristics of this shape/angle. Great way to demonstrate knowledge.

Science, field work. Take photo of creek, pollution.....and use App to give news report on what has happened and what is required to rectify.

What about getting guest speakers to email text and use Tellagami to do a virtual presentation??

Short narrative films, especially in Year 11 when students have to create a short film. Would be better to use recorded voice so we can leverage vocal qualities. Also useful in analytical tasks where students have to deconstruct representations of characters/places/events, etc.

Integration within the App “Explain Everything” - unlimited possibilities across multiple Learning Areas.  Students could take a snapshot of a page in EE, using this as a background and then have the Tellagami introduce the topic/elaborate on a part or summarise at the

Science; predictions with reasoning or observations told by the tellagami and placed over images of investigations in process. An excellent chance for personal reflection post investigation too I think!

History; showing a comparison between two groups of people (Eg aboriginals and white settlers) - video documentary style presentation of the two opinions or perspectives of events in history?

Literacy: reading responses to a set piece of text - photo of the text as background with types or spoken short responses, questioning (question stems) from a set text, summarising, reflecting and even reviewing through the lens of different audiences for the same text (girls vs boys, preps vs upper primary etc)


  1. Some of my grade one students used the app to self assess their writing - things they were proud of and something they wanted to work on and get better at. My only issue with the app is that the avatars are too old looking for six and seven year olds. I have told Telligami so I hope in time there will be a couple of younger avatars to choose from too. In the mean time I do agree it's a great app for so many different reasons. Karen

  2. Yes, really good point Karen. Hopefully soon then will be update with a new character for younger, creative students!