Friday, 20 December 2013

Edtech ins and outs for the 2014 classroom

Some predictions, thoughts and ramblings. Might be wrong but these trends have been more evident during 2013 and can see them continuing throughout 2014.

Cordless technology that allows teachers and students more flexibility and mobility. Technology like Apple TV will enable teachers and students the opportunity to share, collaborate and get mobile. It will also allow other teachers and staff to walk into a room without needing specific cords, software and training to use.

IWBs rely too much on a teacher focus and can encourage teachers and students to use technology to bring about more "chalk and talk" "But it's so engaging"...has lost its power as the students are often engaged in the technology and not the learning. The push to get more mobile, cordless and create flexible learning spaces will see the continue decrease in IWBs in classrooms across the globe. The focus will be getting more technology in the hands of the students. Less students watching and more students actively creating!

Students creating their own digital games through learning to code:
The #hourofcode was just the beginning and teachers and students have got a taste for it. Students creating and learning code will continue to flourish. Teachers have seen the benefits and watched their students learning to think. A whole new generation of coders will develop.

Students playing games:
Still some benefits but the push to get students creating content in classrooms will see this decrease. This does not mean creative, world building games won't continue to gain momentum.

Augmented Reality using real life images as triggers:
As the technology develops we will start to see an explosion of Apps like Layer and Aurasma in classrooms (if we haven't already). The rise of Augmented Reality in the past 12 months has been massive. Teachers and students will start to hone their skills, creating more effective AR experiences!

QR codes
For those who are too lazy to do Augmented Reality well? Only kidding. Still many benefits but the effect of connecting real life trigger images with persuasive overlays has to be the next step.

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