Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Teaching students to code on the iPad iBook Released

The language of Code is a universal language. We use technology almost every minute of everyday and yet we remain ignorant of how technology actually works. What drives this technology? Code!
This ebook aims to give the power back to the teachers and students. Code is easy and with some step by step instructions we can introduce the language of code to the students who sit in our classrooms.
Structured lesson plans combined with simple and easy to follow video tutorials, will allow teachers to introduce coding lessons in a fun and non threatening manner.
With a focus on collaborative learning, “Teaching Students to Code on the iPad” works! It drifts away from a teacher focussed model, allowing students to develop Coding skills at their own rate and allows teachers to facilitate the learning to a greater extent.

iBook can be purchased here:

Hour of Code supported with this iBook.

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