Friday, 3 May 2013

3 things that tell you your iPad program is not working

1.Your iPads are sitting in filing cabinets not being used

This is a direct results of schools funding iPads and not committing to professional development for their staff. Schools should work on a 60-40 model in regard to spending. 60% on Ipads, Apps and infrastructure and 40% on the professional develop of staff.

2. Your young students keep asking for free time on the iPads

Clearly a culture of learning using technology has not taken place. Maybe this is because of a lack of shared vision or staff simply not setting open, creative tasks and giving adequate feedback on content and creation.

3. Your students are "playing" educational games all of the time

The iPad is a wonderful tool for creation. 21st century skills and the push for innovative, creative and divergent thinkers is what we need to foster and develop. Forcing our students to become passive consumers instead of active creators is creating a generation of children unable to problem solve or think for themselves.

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